Michael Hall
Videographer/photographer and Editor
Michael A. Hall is an avid videographer/photographer and editor. He manages video production for YouTube channels ‘Real Talk With Monica’ and ‘Mike’s Variety Hour’. During the past 10 years he has produced a variety of live studio shows for metro Richmond citizens at the Comcast Public Access cable TV station (Richmond, Virginia). Michael serves the citizens by helping them deliver their message to the Richmond metro area with a high quality presentation. He has also produced numerous videos on location for local community and private events. When Michael is not on the computer he’s always busy either coaching his four sons to become positive productive men, at work as an experienced chemical engineer solving problems you didn’t know you had in ways you can’t understand – yea he’s smart, or educating families how to build wealth for the future by investing in the US and world economies. By the way he runs, works out, enjoys dancing and rests occasionally. Michael is currently devoted to building ‘The Real Talk With Monica’ brand – it’s all about continuous improvement.
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Ed Pettersen
Principal & Retail Design Consultant
Since 1993, Ed Pettersen’s retail designs have earned him three U.S. "Store of the Year" Awards and another nod for Best Specialty Store in Asia. With a penchant for developing truly immersive and interactive retail experiences, he is well known for a psychological perspective on consumer behavior and an ability to impact customer loyalty through design. His holistic approach, creative edge and practical nature have resulted in an enviable track record that encompasses blue chip concepts from hard lines to high fashion with a particular emphasis in consumer electronics, apparel & footwear. His retail design philosophy encompasses the entire in-store environment and experience –everything the consumer sees, hears, smells and touches other than the product for sale. Although a retail specialist, Ed has recently signed on to develop branding in the form of logo design, video animations, apparel and more for local television host Monica Ball of Real Talk With Monica. Specialties: Translating consumer insights into actionable design concepts which capture, educate and entertain the customer leading to increased satisfaction and repeat visits. Innovative store design, visual merchandising, audio/visual content management, marketing and branding.
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Helena Richardson
IT Consultant/Web Solutions
Helena Richardson is the CEO of HRichNetworks, LLC. Helena has over 20 year’s expertise in the technology industry, with experience in a variety of areas including operations, finance, and project management. Helena received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Loyola University New Orleans in Computer Information Systems. Helena's background and varied experience is the basis for her practical problem solving approach to the Information Technology Industry. Helena came on board to provide Real Talk with Monica with an interface that is clean yet bold and image-driven, showcasing her impressive range of venues and brand allowing Monica to engage relevant content that will catapult her vision as she make her mark delivering real talk to her viewers around the country and the globe. Since 2009, HRichNetworks has grown considerably into a well-respected provider of innovative and efficient IT solutions. HRichNetworks continues to excel under Helena’s direction as a leader in the IT industry, servicing small businesses such as Real Talk with Monica in the local marketplace.
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