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Hi RTWM Fans, please meet Gospel Recording Artist, Rhonda Aiden of RL Music. Real Talk with Monica is excited to announce that Rhonda will be performing at 31st Annual Freedom Fund Banquet presented by the NAACP Chesterfield Branch on September 17th at Second Baptist Church 5100 West Hundred Road Chester, Virginia 23831. You don’t want to miss out on the performance from Petersburg’s own Award Winning Gospel Singer, Rhonda Aiden of RL Music. For more information about this ticket donation event, please contact Olive Bonaparte at 804-647-9680 or Brenda Marable at 804-247-9954.

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Rhonda La Verne Aiden was born in Louisville KY, to the late Alice Edwards Aiden and Willard Lee Aiden. The youngest of 4 siblings, Rhonda’s first love for music came from her father, Willard, who played the saxophone in the 60’s and 70’s. Jazz was one of his favorite genres. After the tragic loss of her mother in 1976, Rhonda’s grandparents, the late Quinton L. and Rachel Cooley Edwards, relocated both her and her siblings to Chesterfield VA. As a descendant of Eartha Kitt, her musical talent and acting abilities came naturally.

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RTWM radio

RTWM Radio Show on WCLM 1450 AM

Listen to us on WCLM 1450 AM

Hi friends, I super excited to be on WCLM 1450 AM every Tuesday, from 7-8 pm with the Real Talk with Monica Radio show.  We launched RTWM Radio show on August 23rd with tremendous positive feedback and comments. Therefore, we are looking to transition our television viewers and YouTube viewers across the global by listening to us on  Being on Radio, is a big accomplishment  for our company and we’re looking for our viewers to grow with us as we expand into different media ventures. Continue to support Real Talk with Monica by now listening to us on WCLM 1450 AM. By the way, Don’t forget to follow, like, share on social media outlets.

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Monica L. Ball - CEO/Hostess

RTWM Season 3 (Live on Comcast Public Access Network)

Getting Ready for Season 3 on RTWM Live on Comcast Public Access Network!

Monica L. Ball – CEO/Hostess

The anxiously awaited RTWM season 3 will make another debut in Richmond, VA starting June 28th through August 2nd every Tuesday from 9 to 10 pm. Another season with great guests will be coming on

RTWM but this time we decided to have a different co-host each week.  Please meet my special co-hosts:

Real Talk with Monica will have new and returning guests coming on to the show like Author and Founder of Brand New, Amanda Kimbrough, Author, Tiffany Forbes, RTWM’s Graphic Designer, Retail Consultant  and Accomplished Christian Singer/Songwriter, Ed Pettersen, RTWM’s Makeup Artist and Freelance Make-up Artist, Jesse Pettersen, Talk Radio Host of Unlikessportmans Conduct and Standup Comedian, Vee Jay ,  and Recording Rap Artist, Lt Nast, Videographer, Petey Mills, Author and Founder of V.E.W., Vincent Ellis White, Activist, Duron Chavis, Recording Rap Artist/Group 1800 Gang members- CEO StaySmooth, Lady V, and IV III Verse . Continue to check out the latest RTWM news on Real Talk with Monica’s Facebook Page. By the way, Don’t forget to follow, like, share on social media outlets.

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Podcast “Here We Come!”

Monica L. Ball Podcast "Here We Come"

Monica L. Ball Podcast “Here We Come”

Podcast/ITunes here we come- Yes, Real Talk with Monica will be on Podcast and on ITunes this summer. Even though, Real Talk with Monica is doing fantastic on YouTube with over 40,000 views and 200 plus subscribers because our fans. We have been getting a lot of inquiries from our fans on social media outlets to go on Talk Radio. Your favorite hostess, Monica L. Ball, is excited to be on Talk Radio for the very first time with “Talking Real Talk with Monica”. Monica and the RTWM staff is already scheduling co-hosts and guests to make “Talking Real Talk with Monica” a sure hit just like Real Talk with Monica live on Comcast Public Access Network and YouTube.