Monica L. Ball is CEO/President and Hostess of Real Talk with Monica, LLC. Monica grew up in Emporia, Virginia, in her early days then moved to Richmond, Virginia. Monica was never a stranger from being a hard worker or lack high ambition at an early age. Currently, Monica is attending Grand Canyon University online to receive her PH.D. in Business Management. Monica is a graduate of Strayer University, where she received a MBA and BA in Business Management.

RTWM Bio- picIn 2010, Monica suffered a life threatening illness called “Steven Johnson Syndrome” which almost took her life but God had other plans for her. Even though, Monica battled her way out of a medical induced coma for twelve days she continues to face the battles of being a survivor of Steven Johnson Syndrome. In 2014, Monica took courage steps to change her life when she decided to retire from the United States Postal Service and step out on faith to be her own boss. Monica was no ordinary woman that had to overcome being on food stamps, discriminate on the job, encounter deficiencies with her home, and going through the legal system without a competent attorney. Through Monica’s adversities in 2014, she decided to take the opportunity of being a special guest on the Mike’s Variety Hour to speak some “Real Talk”. The guest appearance on the Mike’s Variety Hour launched the vision for Real Talk with Monica.

Real Talk with Monica is a reflection of Monica’s purpose for life to entertain people around the world, having a sense of self-worth, being a lover of God and the willingness to help people speak the message for some” Real Talk”. Real Talk with Monica TV show is taped live from Comcast Public Access Network in Richmond, Virginia.  Real Talk with Monica TV can now be shown also on Famous Brown TV on The CW Richmond Network every Sunday 2:00 am and Monday 5:00 am. Plus, you can tune in every Tuesday from 7-8 pm on WCLM 1450 AM for the Real Talk with Monica Radio show. Real Talk with Monica is slowing becoming a popular phenomenal with over 30,000 views on YouTube channel Real Talk with Monica and strong followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. That’s Real Talk, is a popular motto that Monica says at the end of her show after she speaks the truth.