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“Real Food, Real Jamaican with Chef Ackeem” Ackeem R. Reid (Chef Ackeem)

Ackeem R. Reid (Chef Ackeem), who is the owner and administrator of a Facebook group called Real Jamaican food by Chef Ackeem. Chef Ackeem grew up on the beautiful Island of Jamaica where he spent most of his life. Chef Ackeem started demonstrating at an earlier age for a passion and love for cooking up the Jamaican flavors of food where he learned from his grandparents. Chef Ackeem then started his career at Petersfield high school and received his diploma. Chef Ackeem continued his culinary arts career where he graduated with top honors. Chef Ackeem also attended culinary arts training classes at George Brown Collage located in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

Chef Ackeem started his first job as a chef at a five star hotel, Couples Negril Resort. He spent 5 years with the company where he gained culinary experience and drew inspiration from some of the top chefs in Jamaica like Stefan Spot, Tyron Jackson, Morris Lewis, and Andre Campbell. Chef Ackeem then moved to the Cayman Islands where he worked at a restaurant called Al La Kebab for a couple of years.

Chef Ackeem has two handsome sons Romane and Xander. When his last son Xander was born, he decided to move his family to Tampa, Florida.   From that point, he started to push himself more into the spotlight with the collaboration with

Steam Fish 22

Jamaican Steam Fish

Steam Fish

Jamaican Steam Fish

Recipe serves:   #2

Cook time:        10 min


* 2lbs fish of your choice

* 1/2 cup Julianne carrot

* 1/4 cup dice onion

* 1tbs thyme

* 1tbs hot pepper

* 1/3 cup butter

* 1/2 cup water

* noodles

* salt & pepper to taste


1. Wash the fish with lime juice/lemon

2.  Season the Fish with salt & pepper

3. Put the Fish into a deep steam pot for about ??

4. Add all ingredients

5. Mix butter & water and noodles and poor all over fish.

6. Cover the pot and cook on a medium flame for 10min.