Hi RTWM fans,

As the Hostess of Real Talk with Monica, I wanted to set up a contest “BE THE NEXT STAR” as a way to give upcoming talent a platform to receive exposure through my show. I need the hottest original song and vocalist to create a theme song for my show Real Talk with Monica.

The main purpose of “BE THE NEXT STAR” is to bring exposure for an unknown artist as a chance to have their music heard in a bigger scope. However, as a creative artist, I truly understand in how it’s very hard to get people’s attention especially in the music industry. Therefore, if you’re the luckily winner your music will be heard in an arena without having to deal with a lot of competition daily where music executives can tell you RTWM BE THE NEXT STARno. RTWM is the place in giving an unknown artist a chance to have their music heard as well be able to be a part of something special with the growing popularity of RTWM.  Please, don’t miss out on this great opportunity. That’s Real Talk!

Here’s the Rules /Information

  • All contestants are eligible throughout the United States and elsewhere but if a contestant is under the age of 18. They must have parental consent to be able to be allowed to participate in this contest.
  • The contest will be hosted by REAL TALK WITH MONICA and the winner will receive exposure VIA the RTWM Platform.
  • The theme “Real Talk with Monica” will be copyrighted by Real Talk With Monica but will give the winning contestant credit for their work as well as BMI or ASAP.
  • The winner will receive a free beat provided by Nelson K. Johnson of DECEMBER NINETEEN 85
  • Please send all music Submissions to Realtalkwithmonica@gmail.com – Subject- “Be The Next Star” – Please provide a good contact number to be reach.
  • The Top Five Finalist will be notified to create a video and their video will be uploaded on RTWM’s YouTube channel to see the viewership count as part of the judging process.

Final reminder: By participating in this contest you are fully aware of the rules of this contest and willfully agreeing with the terms stated above. Therefore, by submitting your music and entering into this contest. You are agreeing to the terms and rules of this contest. Again, Real Talk with Monica is the official author of any copyrighted song used on the program. However, the winner will receive credit for their work in copyrights and publishing. 


Nelson K. Johnson | CEO/Composer Purpose Music Productions

“Real Food, Real Jamaican”


Nelson K. Johnson | CEO/Composer Purpose Music Productions

Nelson K. Johnson, the CEO & Founder of Purpose Music Productions, is a BMI affiliated, self taught Music Producer/Composer/Songwriter. Specializing in music for television & film, Nelson has also produced and wrote for various artists as well. Born in 1985, he started producing in 2000 and turned his God given gifts into a profession soon after in 2008. Since then, Nelson has worked as the Assistant Composer for a television series such as ‘The HEART’, scored a feature film, helped write for an album that reached number 5 overseas, composed original music for BET and this young man shows no signs of stopping! Keeping God first and building partnerships along the way is the plan. That’s why Real Talk with Monica is extremely excited to have Nelson as a partner on our team. You can listen to a small sample of Nelson’s music created for the episode “ Real Food, Real Jamaican with Chef Ackeem”.


Kanye West-The Music Corner by Tameka Walker


The most highly anticipated hip hop album of the year Kanye West “The Life of Pablo” is scheduled to be release on February 11, 2016. The tracks on this album from start to end has a lot going on. First, of all it has a diss track ‘High Lights’ aimed at his wife’s (Kim Karashadian-West) ex, R&B singer, Ray J. Kanye raps about in this song about how Ray J and Kim’s relationship made Ray J infamous with their sex tape. Kanye further proclaim in a verse “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch. Yeah, he might have hit it first, only problem is I’m rich.” Kanye then restarted the past controversy with Taylor Swift with verses I made that B***** famous in the track “Famous”. But, he then gets emotional in track 2- Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 & 2 covers certain tragedies in his life with the passing of his mother, Donna West and his life threatening car accident in 2010, which Kanye suffered his jaw being weird. All and All this is another classical masterpiece that must be heard and that is Real Talk. Stay tuned for next week as I give my review of the Grammys. That is Real Talk!